Sunday, April 23, 2006

Wow, it's been quite a while since my last post. I have no excuse, it's pure laziness ;o)
Where do I start...My sister Maria was home for a week in March(?) from PEI, we had a lovely time with her and we'll be seeing them again soon as Avah will be christened/baptized on May 14th on the island.

As you can see Mya is quite taken with her little cousin.

We had a little family diner while Maria and Avah were home and it provided a lovely photo of of Nonna(great-grandmother) and Avah. Can't you tell how proud she is?

On March 26th my good friend Karen had a birthday party for her twin girls who were turning 3. The kids had a great time, more toys than they knew what to do with and they got to decorate their own cupcakes - talk about a sugar high.

Oliver is wondering how he's going to get all the balloons that were hanging from the railing 20ft up.

Papa Don's birthday is April 1st and we had his favorite birthday diner - KFC and ice cream cake. Papa loves having his grandbabies close to him, especially on special occasions.

Mya and Lindsay excited about the loot bags!! This is one of my favorite pictures of them.

My crazy kid Mya, who loves to ham it up for the camera.
apparently you can only add 5 pictures per post, so I'm going to have to add another post right after this one. I'm not sure how they'll show up, so if you're reading this one last I apologize.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nanny (Linda) is waiting for a new posting to your blog, Nyree.
That is a great pic of Mya and Lindsey.

4:11 PM  

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