Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's been a while since my last post, but nothing really exciting has happened. We celebrated Darryl's birthday on March 5th with our parents and a little Weight Watchers cake, everyone seemed to enjoy it :o)

We'll be having a big family get together for Darryl and Dave's birthday this Saturday as they are only 5 days apart. I wish my brother was closer, then it would be a three man birthday party(miss you, Matt).

I'm already in the mood for spring, even though I know it's still weeks away. I've been buying clothes for the kiddies. These recent pics are of them trying on my most recent purchases. Mya certainly has a love affair with the camera. I think it might have something to do with the fact that everytime something comes in the mail we try it on and take picture. She's always saying "Let's have a fashion show".

This is my favorite clothing line, it from South Africa and is called Naartjie.
I'm not sure what's happening when I post pictures, but they never seem to go where I want them to.
Luv Ny


Blogger Maria said...

Oh Ny they look so big! So grown up. Mya definitly loves the camera but the camera loves her too! And Oliver - he looks like such a little man :)
Hopefully they will still remember me ... planning to come home at the end of next week.
Avah gets her needles tomorrow :(
But I know they will be done and over with before she has a chance to get too upset.
We just got a huge dump of snow .. hopefully it will melt away tomorrow.
Lv your BIG little sis

5:46 PM  

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