Thursday, February 16, 2006

So, i just realized that I've started every post with "So". Maybe I should try a new word from our vast vocabulary LOL.

I'm up late, surfing the world wide web. Darryl is out with the boyz tonight. I always go to bed late when he goes out. It makes me nervous when he's not home. I'm reading the new Stephen King novel "Cell". No scary books tonight, maybe just the TV. These are the nights when I don't mind if Mya crawls into bed with me. KWIM?

Thank goodness it's almost Friday, I've been working 4 day weeks, to help with child care and this 5th day is going to kill me. At least it's casual day - yeah jeans!

Anyone like Sushi? We have a great place close to work and my boss took the office staff to lunch there today and I'm still full. Tempura is my favorite and then spic shrimp maki, YUM!!

Well, OK enough rambling. Good night all.


Blogger Maria said...

Hello Lav's!
Maybe if I start the comments going.. others will follow!
You don't have to be a blogger to leave a comment you can leave your comment as anonymous and it will still be posted. (oh Nyree I just realized you are not letting people who don't have a blogger account to leave comments.. you should change that).
Ny - take some more shots of the kids .. they are so cute! I miss them so much (you and Darryl too I guess :) I can't believe Oliver had an infection in both his ears, is he sleeping better then he was?
Does Mya get excitted when it is preschool mornings? Is she getting better with that other kid? Looking forward to more blogging.. give the kids a big lickerier kiss for me!
Love Maria

6:35 PM  

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