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Sunday, April 23, 2006

This is actually part two of the post, so if you are reading this first skip down to the next post and then come back up.

Our lastest from Naartjie, I now have a partner in crime. Darryl's Aunt Doreen lives in Missouri and I ship the stuff to her and she ships it to me.

I think they're just humoring me at this point and I have to bribe them with TV to try clothes on for me.

We had a beautiful weekend here in Halifax. The wind was quite strong Saturday, so the kids decided to snuggle up with a blanket. I'm sure if it wasn't so windy they would have fallen asleep.

Today on the other hand was absolutely wonderful, we spent the morning at the play park and had a picnic with two of my girlfriends and their kids, we got Dairy Queen and the way home and played until supper time outside. Needless to say bedtime tonight was a breeze - Mya had fallen asleep before I could even read her stories and Olive barely made a peep when I said good-night.

My apologies for the lack of Easter pictures and Mya's birthday. Our camera was on the fritz and was only taking black photos. Hopefully someone passes some on to me, so I can post them here.



Wow, it's been quite a while since my last post. I have no excuse, it's pure laziness ;o)
Where do I start...My sister Maria was home for a week in March(?) from PEI, we had a lovely time with her and we'll be seeing them again soon as Avah will be christened/baptized on May 14th on the island.

As you can see Mya is quite taken with her little cousin.

We had a little family diner while Maria and Avah were home and it provided a lovely photo of of Nonna(great-grandmother) and Avah. Can't you tell how proud she is?

On March 26th my good friend Karen had a birthday party for her twin girls who were turning 3. The kids had a great time, more toys than they knew what to do with and they got to decorate their own cupcakes - talk about a sugar high.

Oliver is wondering how he's going to get all the balloons that were hanging from the railing 20ft up.

Papa Don's birthday is April 1st and we had his favorite birthday diner - KFC and ice cream cake. Papa loves having his grandbabies close to him, especially on special occasions.

Mya and Lindsay excited about the loot bags!! This is one of my favorite pictures of them.

My crazy kid Mya, who loves to ham it up for the camera.
apparently you can only add 5 pictures per post, so I'm going to have to add another post right after this one. I'm not sure how they'll show up, so if you're reading this one last I apologize.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

We had a busy but great weekend. Finally had Darryl's family over for turkey dinner and birthday cake Saturday afternoon and evening. Here's a link to Logan, Lindsay and Mya singing Happy Birthday to the dads. www.dropshots.com/lavs2kids


I know that I just posted these exact pics of the kids in their Naartjie, but this is the link to see them on the Naartjie web-site. Aren't they the cutest?!?!

Sunday we took the kids to the Martime Museum of the Atlantic. For those of you who don't know they have great exhibits from the Titanic and Halifax explosion. This week they have an exhibit called "Pets at Sea". There are live animals like monkeys, birds and farm animals - animals that would have travelled the sea.

It was a beautiful day on the waterfront, still a bit chilly, but you could definitaly feel spring in the air. While the kids were still in a good mood we decided to have lunch at Athens resturant - our favorite Greek resturant and in our opinion the best in the city.

Well that's all for now folks

Luv ya


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's been a while since my last post, but nothing really exciting has happened. We celebrated Darryl's birthday on March 5th with our parents and a little Weight Watchers cake, everyone seemed to enjoy it :o)

We'll be having a big family get together for Darryl and Dave's birthday this Saturday as they are only 5 days apart. I wish my brother was closer, then it would be a three man birthday party(miss you, Matt).

I'm already in the mood for spring, even though I know it's still weeks away. I've been buying clothes for the kiddies. These recent pics are of them trying on my most recent purchases. Mya certainly has a love affair with the camera. I think it might have something to do with the fact that everytime something comes in the mail we try it on and take picture. She's always saying "Let's have a fashion show".

This is my favorite clothing line, it from South Africa and is called Naartjie.
I'm not sure what's happening when I post pictures, but they never seem to go where I want them to.
Luv Ny

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Posting a pic of the kids from last Friday. Darryl and his mom took the kids to New Glasgow for the day to visit with the family down there.

Apparently we have unusual kids...Darryl called me at work this afternoon to tell me that they were fighting over pickles. Not chocolate or chips, but pickles. I have to admit that is a little strange.

Mya is very much into dressing herself these days and it's only dresses or skirts. She's also very worried whether or not she looks cool/cute. How could she be anything but. I had no way of knowing that this would be the case and had only purchased a few pair of tights to get us through the winter and at this stage, let me tell you they are looking rather ratty. I can't wait until spring when we can go bare legged.

Oliver has gotten over his ear infection and is sleeping/eating like normal again, so normal in fact that he was stealing my supper last night after finishing his in record time.

Funny story...Oliver likes to call Nana and Papa and just heavy breath on the phone. So he hands me the phone Sunday afternoon and says "Papa". I called Don and Doris' number and handed him the phone. Nana picked up and started talking, I could hear her say "Hi, Oliver it's Nana" and Oliver said "No, Papa!" Poor Nana, Oliver is always teasing her.

That's all for now.
Luv Ny

Thursday, February 16, 2006

So, i just realized that I've started every post with "So". Maybe I should try a new word from our vast vocabulary LOL.

I'm up late, surfing the world wide web. Darryl is out with the boyz tonight. I always go to bed late when he goes out. It makes me nervous when he's not home. I'm reading the new Stephen King novel "Cell". No scary books tonight, maybe just the TV. These are the nights when I don't mind if Mya crawls into bed with me. KWIM?

Thank goodness it's almost Friday, I've been working 4 day weeks, to help with child care and this 5th day is going to kill me. At least it's casual day - yeah jeans!

Anyone like Sushi? We have a great place close to work and my boss took the office staff to lunch there today and I'm still full. Tempura is my favorite and then spic shrimp maki, YUM!!

Well, OK enough rambling. Good night all.

Monday, February 13, 2006

So we took Oliver to the Dr tonight and he has two "raging ear infections". After one dose of peniciline and a shot of advil he perked right up. So hopefully we'll all get some much needed sleep tonight.

Nana was nice enough to take Mya while we went to the Dr, which was good because she got some much needed attention.

That's all I have for today.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

So this is our first post. It's Sunday, February 12th. Just getting the beginning of a noreaster. So far just a lot of blowing snow. Darryl and I had a lovely night out with our friends at The Vines for Valentines Day. It was a great night out and we overate as usually.

Sick kids are no fun!! Oliver is fighting something today, has a fever and is very lethargic :( He's very cranky. Mya is also not enjoying the attention he's getting today. Anyone want an attention starved 3 year old?

Darryl and I are both doing Weight Watchers. I've made it to Lifetime Member and have lost 23.4lbs. Darryl has lost 12lbs. Yeah us!! I'll post pics of us as soon as I get a chance.

This is the picture I submitted to Regis and Kelly for their beautiful baby contest, so watch for him. The first one is the kids in the tub just the other day.